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Sharing rare and unique insight into Ireland, her heritage, and culture

Hi we are Pól and Paul, a pair of passionate Irish tour guides.

Our mission is to share our passion for our country, its heritage, culture and history with locals and visitors to our lovely little Island. 

We want to show a different side of Ireland and so our tours are based on special themes. Our 2022 program will focus on Ireland's military past, and also what it was like to live and work in Dublin in the over 1,000 years since its settlement.

If you would like to see Ireland a little bit differently then come along and see it with us.


Pól Ó Tiréil

Pól, is a Rotunda-birthed North Side Dubliner, who defected to the South Side in infancy. He is an avid student of real history and specious gossip. A natural storyteller, he will share truth and rumour with equal enthusiasm. A graduate of the Local and National Tour Guide course, his rich and varied work experiences include seeking his fortune delivering turf as a child labourer, a spell in the 20th Infantry Batt of our reserve defence forces, intimate associations with telegraph poles and holes, a spell in computer technology before and after the invention of mice and GUIs, some business stuff in Ireland and the UK with communications companies, lecturing in Project Management and actually completing some projects. A Scout Leader for almost 30 years, he has convinced generations of young scouts that he was on Brownsea Island with Baden-Powel in 1907. An avid traveller himself, he turned to Tour Guiding following a fantastic trip to Laos, Viet Nam and Cambodia. It germinated an idea to give people as good an experience in Ireland.


Paul McDaid

Paul is a Coombe birthed South Side Dubliner, who had the good sense not to leave the South Side. A graduate of the Local and National Tour Guide course, his rich and varied life experiences include college lecturer, truck driver, emigrant, patent holder, computer programmer, global wanderer, and salesman. The thirty of so years spent working in the corporate and multinational world in North America, Europe, and Asia provided an excellent training ground for spinning a good yarn and telling a believable story. Now, free from the shackles of "the man" he is free to apply those skills to share his passion for his beautiful city and country with her visitors. His other passions include: History, arguing about history, politics, arguing about politics, and mostly showcasing his amazing country with all her angels and devils, sordid stories and soaring achievements to her visitors. He is an atrocious guitar player, a wanna-be photographer, and an avid walker. And when he has any spare time he loves taking his motor bike apart, and sometimes putting most of it back together again.

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