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Welcome to Rare Ireland Tours. We are a small team a passionate local Irish Tour Guides dedicated to showing off the best and sometimes the most unusual parts of Ireland to our guests.

Dublin's Military Mile


The west of Dublin City provides a rich tapestry to tell the complex and contradictory story of Ireland – once the "second island" of the British Empire, but following a destiny to her own independence.

Join us as we explore how Europe's Wars of Religion shaped Ireland, why Ireland's most successful General fought to preserve the British Empire, how one bad decision put Ireland on the irrevocable road to Independence, and how newly Independent Ireland honored her dead from the World Wars.

Starting from the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, we will pass Kilmainham Gaol, visit the War Memorial Gardens, and finish at the Wellington Testimonial in the Phoenix Park. Along the way we'll explore the military events, heroes, and villains that shaped Ireland's tumultuous history.

Approx. two hours and twenty minutes.

Tour by appointment only.


Loving the Liberties


For just about one thousand years the Liberties have been the living, breathing heart of Dublin. Its places tell the rich story of a city that evolved from a small Viking settlement, a Norman fortress, an Anglo-Irish colony, to a modern international capital. 

We will ramble through the layout of a viking house, marvel at the cathedral whiskey built, discover the hidden gem of the Peace Park, and then explore the back streets of the liberties with her charming red-brick artisan dwellings, and check out the place of the great whiskey fire of 1875.

This is a story about people and their lives. The Irish who settled the Liberties, the monks who ran it, the Huguenots who fled to it bringing their tradition of weaving, the Guinness' and the Roes and their global empires. It's all here in the Liberties.

Approx. two hours and twenty minutes

Tour by appointment only


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